This Weekend!!! Service Project, 9am, Forest Glen Cemetery -all Dens 5/29 -rain or shine

Please be awesome and join us this Saturday, May 29th at 9am at Forest Glen Cemetery to place flags and flowers on veteran graves. All Dens, all Scouts and both parents are invited. We’ll be socially distanced and covering a wide area. Many hands make light work. Be there for me and Reading -Masks required.

Class A Uniform or Pack735 ClassB. Please be in Uniform!

This Memorial Day Service project means the world to our local Veterans, Service families and Reading Veterans Admin, all who served rain or shine
Please join us. It’s fun, rewarding and it’s what  Memorial Day is all about.

May 29th (not the 25th like I mis-state in the audio of this video) -again May 29th This Saturday!!

Video about this Saturday May 29…be there…be awesome 🙂

9AM All Dens, May 29th.

This is my favorite Scout event in Reading and something we didn’t get to do last year due to COVID. We are on, wear your masks, watch the video and be there with a joyful mind and an open heart and help us give back to our community. This stuff matters and yes…its last minute…we know, this was just recently approved by Board of Health.

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