PineWood Derby


The Pinewood Derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature cars. Pinewood Derbies ar run by Pack 735. As a reminder, Pack 735 is run by you, parent…your involvement & contribution is expected and treasured.

Scouts build their own cars from wood (kits provided by the Pack),  from kits containing a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles.

NOTE, we follow the OFFICIAL Pinewood Rules-so no special axles are allowed… rules at bottom of post

You can google Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and find all manner of car design and race ideas…just keep in mind, we follow the Official Rules.

Some things to keep in mind… paint your car before putting the wheels on. AND, most important, an adult should put the wheels on the car! Please google how to put wheels on the car and be mindful of the official rules.

Email if you have any questions.

“Cut Night” or “Cut Day” (when you cut out cars)

For Pack 735, the Pack provides the car kits for all scouts. Every year, usually in mid to late January (except for COVID years), we hold a cut night in the St. Athanasius basement to shape the cars. We also provide templates for design, sanding paper and eye protection. (see Pack Calendar for Date)

In 2021 we are getting creative… see our main page for the latest Cut Day location and schedule!

Impound Night (turn in cars)

This usually takes place the Friday prior to race day, 6-7PM at St Athanasius PAC however please check main page schedule for date and location, esp during COVID year. 

This is the time when you turn in your completed Pinewood Car, weigh in your car and have your car tagged for racing. All cars must be 5ounces or less, no exceptions. If your car is over 5.0 ounces you will need to remove weight to get the car under 5.0 ounces. (see Pack Calendar for Date)

Race Day! (race the cars)

The Pinewood Derby race will be on Saturday, -see the Pack Calendar for time and race slots. Please note, during pandemic we are racing in limited group brackets to reduce group size. Check the main site and calendar for your bracket and RACE TIME.  Scouts should be in Class A uniforms, tucked in and looking sharp. (see Pack Calendar for Date)

Below are the official Flintlock District Rules for 2019

PineWood Rules

More info and rules HERE at ScoutLife online

For questions, email