ChairTalk: Trending Topic on the Bankruptcy news

Hi All, Shortest story: No changes to Reading Scouting. It's business as usual. Slightly longer short story: The emails & texts are already coming in on this regarding BSA's bankruptcy proceedings.  First, below are some helpful links on the topic. Secondly, Here is a quick 2 cents on the topic: BSA filed for Chapter 11 … Continue reading ChairTalk: Trending Topic on the Bankruptcy news

ChairTalk: Have a Great Week

Hi All, Have a great February vacation, whether home or away! My Web 1 & Tiger are going on a Caribbean cruise with Nana & Papa, tough life they have! Lori & I will be spending the week spending time with each other and figuring out how to be Kevin & Lori again (without Ky … Continue reading ChairTalk: Have a Great Week