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New Scouts

Local units are the unfortunate recipients of having fundraising season and recruiting season happening at the exact same time.

As such, 735 has the policy that new scouts will not have fundraising goals or be asked to participate in the popcorn sales. However, if they would like to then they are more than welcome to sign on.

Popcorn Kernel Instructions

Credit Card Sales Instructions

2019 Popcorn TakeOrder Worksheet

Sales Script

Schedule & Locations


Other Details

Below are some informational links:

Council Popcorn Site

Popcorn Overview Video

Product Sold & Other Resources

Trails End FAQs & Support

Ways to Sell Instructional Videos

Trails End officially launched an app to help for Show & Sells as well as Take orders. Links are below along with Council’s Take Order form.

Take Order Forms

Trails End App

Using the App Videos

Also here’s the Take Order price list.

Online selling is also available which has free shipping on every order. You can register by going to the website below and each scout will have their own fundraising webpage to sell. Using the online page is included in the Ways to Sell Videos above.

Trails End Online Selling Portal

Key Take Order Dates

Below are the key dates for take orders:

  • Oct 25: Popcorn Take Orders Due
  • Nov. 16: Popcorn Distribution

.Planned 2019-2020 Enrichment

  • Fall Campfire Program – October
  • Pinewood Derby – Early February
  • SnowTubing – Late February
  • Overnight at Mystic – Mid March
  • Blue & Gold Entertainment – Late March/Early April


  • Pie Facing – Scouts that sell greater than $600 will get to pie face a 735 Adult Leader. Who & how many depends on reaching other levels. The scouts absolutely love doing this! Refer to the Memories page for Instagram videos & photos of the 2018 pie facing.
  • With parent permission, if scouts $2,500 then their parent can put a whipped cream pie in their face (a number of scouts approached me last year and asked how they could earn a pie in the face).
  • Dave & Busters – Council will have a Dave & Busters event & scouts which sell over a $1,000 dollar amount from Show & Sell, Online or Take Orders will be get this award
  • Scouts will earn Amazon Gift cards based on their sales and the more they sell the larger the gift card is that they can earn. Refer to the Trails End Rewards page

If you have other specific questions then email and the Popcorn Kernel will be in touch.

2018-2019 Performance

For the 2018 – 2019 year, we sold a little over $18,000 of popcorn and our Pack retained 39% of all popcorn sold.

These funds raised covered the following enrichment events during the 2018 – 2019 year:

  • Pinewood Derby
  • Game Night Prizes
  • Snow tubing at Nashoba Valley
  • Entertainment at the Blue & Gold banquet
  • Overnight at Battleship Cove
  • Overnight at New England Base Camp

General Overview

Principle Goal

Paying your own way is a fundamental principle of Scouting. It is one of the reasons why no solicitations (requests for contributions from individuals or the community) are permitted by units. Young people in Scouting are taught early on that if they want something in life, they need to earn it.

This is why local councils have Packs participate in council-sponsored product sales (typical popcorn) or other money-earning projects.


For popcorn, click here for more general information on process.  Further, the vendor scouting selected to help manage this process is Trails End. For our district, click here to access local Council’s site on popcorn.

Our fundraising seasons typically runs from early September to mid-October and covers 3 distribution channels:

  • Show & Sells – Scouts with an adult volunteer sign up for hour long shifts on Saturday & Sunday. We have shifts starting at 9AM and going to 3PM or 4PM.
  • Our 2018 locations included Market Basket, Stop & Shop, St Agnes, St Athanansius & Calaresos.
  • Take Orders – Scouts can take orders on their own time. With a late October deadline, we will place an order for delivery in mid-November (typically a few days before Thanksgiving).
  • Online – Scouts to email a link to family and friends. Orders are shipped directly.

Local Council has prize program for scouts that reach certain sales level. There is also a separate prize program for online sales.

Regardless of distribution channels, scouts that reach certain goals get to pie face adult leaders & all you have to do is check Instagram to see how much they enjoy that.

Social Media

Click here to get more general information on the popcorn fundraising process. Also, click on the link below for 735’s FAQ’s and tools for popcorn selling.

735 Popcorn FAQ’s

This whole process is managed by our volunteer Popcorn Kernel.

Money-Earning Projects

Packs are also allowed to run money earning projects but this has not typically been done by 735. Click on the links below for more general information and application process for such a project.

Money-Earning Project

Project Application

Project Ideas