Dues Info

Dues Levels


If you wish to opt out of the magazine then please fill out this form below.


Online payment via PayPal or Venmo is available at Pay 735.

We also take check which you can provide amto the following individuals at Den Meetings:

  1. Chad Lockart
  2. Kevin Briere
  3. Heather Veazey
  4. Tricia McCarty
  5. Geoffrey Maness

Checks should be made out to Pack 735.

The nitty-gritty Q&A

What are annual dues?
Annual dues are collected by Cub Scout Packs to defray the cost of the Pack’s program through out the year.

What do my Cub Scout’s dues cover?

They go to the national and local registration fee, cub scout magazine subscription, the Adventure Card, and all ranks and awards as well as other Pack operating expenses.

Click here for more general information on what’s included in the basic costs.

What do my Cub Scout’s dues NOT cover?

Your Cub Scout’s uniform and all enrichment activities.  This is why we participate in council sponsored fundraising, refer to Fundraising Information for more information on that.

The Pack’s program is designed for each Cub Scout to achieve their  next rank, in one school year, through their Den’s monthly meetings. Anything past this is optional, and includes the following: Day Camps, Overnights and other outings.

How to you determine the amount to collect?

Due levels are based on what we have been historically charged from council, what our peer packs have been collecting and consultation with council.

Is there a sibling discount?

We can provide a 25% discount for other siblings.

What if a Cub Scout Cannot Afford the Dues?

As noted in the Reading Youth Well-Being Data,  even families in Reading can have their struggles.  Scouting is an activity that should be available to any scout. No family will ever be turned away due to financial strain.  As such, we have compiled noted financial aid program information at the links below, we’d advise looking at the local council financial aid for the most assistance.