3/21/2021 Update- STEM, Invention, Service & Space Stations &CrossOver

3/24 update to the 3/21 update.

Cross Over for our Arrow of Light Scouts (5th Graders) will be Saturday April 10, Reading Town Forest, ScrubHill Ring. Campfire Dinner 5-6PM, Awards & Cross Over Program 6-7PM, 7-7:30 Smore-a-palooza. Attendance limited to AOL’s fams and Webelos Den (4th grade) helpers.

Ladies, a hold-the-date is coming soon for a near future Wednesday! Several Girls from each Den expressed a huge interest in having a Girls specific Cub Scout event. This will be led by several young ladies from the older Troop Scouts who will plan and run this event for our Pack 735 Girl Cubs. This provides Troop Girls with an opportunity to lead as they work towards their Eagle Scout Rank. Our Girl Cub Scouts get a wonderful Cubbie event for Girls, led by Girls. Ladies…invite a friend. More detail to come soon. If interested to attend please email me or Tricia.

Speaking of Tricia! Please give a big welcome and round of applause to Tricia M who is taking over as our Pack 735 Chairwoman. Tricia has 3 Scouts in Pack 735 and was our most magnificent Fundraising Chair. Kevin is still rocking big and driving our Pack’s administration which is no small task. They be working together to hand-off duties but just know, together we are stronger.

Additional info was added to 3/21 update below, specifically around Pinewood Derby. Please review.

3/21/2021 Quick update (has been updated). Fun read. Useful info and dates at bottom of page. (also please note, pics in this post are from prepandemic. Masks and distancing is still required.)

Great Moments in Pack 735 Den Adventures:

First off, our Wolf Den (2nd Graders) completed a really fun adventure centered on STEM and Invention. This “Invention Convention” was most excellent and points to the best of the best in Scouting: Families working together to share skills and to have fun. Kudos to the parents who led this rewarding adventure and aligned it to a Wolf Adventure requirement.

There are many elective Cub Scout Adventures that explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math within the official Cub Scout Program. Finding opportunities align Cub Scouting Adventures with external programs like Invention Convention or FIRST/LEGO League can add richness to your Cub Scout experience.

Below are a few photos from our 2018 Ecotarium STEM Overnight (prepandemic)). We camped in the museum and completed challenges hosted by Engineering Grad Students and STEM staff. The Committee (you the parents) wanted to go on this BSA approved overnight event. It was excellent. Excellence is up to you.

2018 STEM Trip – Ecotarium Overnight – Egg Drop Engineering Challenge -all Dens!!
2018 STEM Trip – Ecotarium Overnight – Bridge Building Challenge!!

Speaking of STEM!!! Who wants to see the Space Station?

Rick Crosby, Den Leader from our 4th grade, Webelos Den, wanted to remind EVERYONE they can catch a glimpse of the International Space Station tonight! It will move across the sky rather quickly so be ready.

To find out where to look for it and when to be ready please visit the NASA tracker HERE! …we’ll give you a hint: be ready around 8PM tonight 3/21

A serious reminder: -must read about YPT, Safe Scouting and Overnights

2017 BALOO, YPT and Safe Scouting Training

Please keep “the Guide to Safe Scouting” and our Youth Protection Training (YPT) front of mind for any external activity alignment and all Scout activities. This is everyone’s responsibility. We must adhere to these guidelines and requirements for any and all Pack 735 events, meetings, activities and anything we do as “Cub Scouts” or a Den. This is serious business designed to protect our youth and required for ALL Pack 735 volunteer Leaders, Parents and Participants. Learn more here.

Regarding Camping as a Den- ONLY Webelos Dens (4th&5th Grade Dens) may camp as a Den at a Den Camping Event. Other Dens may complete “Family Camping” but only at Council Approved locations which must be approved by the Council Location. Find out more HERE about the rules we must follow.

Image to left is from 2017 – Parent Volunteer -Safe Scouting/BALOO Training. We take these seriously & it’s fun. Remember, for any overnight we must have 2 registered Leaders & 2 BALOO & YPT trained parents. This is required. This is non-negotiable. Want to get trained and learn some really valuable skills? Call me. We’ll get you trained.

Upcoming Pack Events and Hold-The-Dates

Below are dates for Pack sponsored events…events the entire Reading Pack 735 participate in. Please note, regularly scheduled Den meetings are not listed here. Please see your Den Leader or Den Admin (both parent volunteers) for info on specific Den Meetings. Den Meetings should happen 1-2x’s per month, outside of the events below. 😉

April 10 – Cross Over for our Arrow of Light Scouts (5th Graders) , Reading Town Forest, ScrubHill Ring. Campfire Dinner 5-6PM, Awards & Cross Over Program 6-7PM, 7-7:30 Smore-a-palooza. Attendance limited to AOL’s fams and Webelos Den (4th grade) helpers.

Webelos Camp out, last weekend!

Hold dates for April 23 & 24th as well as May 21 & 22 for Campout and daytime events at Camp40 Acres.

We are planning to host Pinewood Car Cutting on April 24th at Camp40. If you have a small bandsaw to loan please let us know. Schedule released on 3/28

Camping will be by sign up. If you are an avid camper, I’d love your help with a couple things. If you are new to camping, please know, this is a great and safe way to learn about camping and to enjoy the outdoors. Sign up will be released on 3/28 .

Pinewood “Impound Night” – this is the night everyone turns in finished Cars – planning the Week of May 17th. Detail/Location coming soon.

Pinewood Derby will be May 22nd, Camp40 Acres
Hold the date for this event. This event will be quite fun and outdoors (a first for Pack 735!). There will be 3 racing blocks midday which will include two Dens each block. Schedule coming very soon.

Also, will send more info regarding how to make cars, our annual “cut night” (car build) efforts, how to access tools and how you can help make this really fun. Pinewood crew is working hard..more to come soon.

Memorial Day weekend..Saturday! Pending Board of Health approval, I am hopeful we’ll participate in our normal Memorial Day Weekend Decoration activities.

Placing memorial flags on veteran graves is one of my favorite Pack 735 events. It honors, it beautifies, it builds community. It is touching and service based fun. If we get approved, I want to see everyone there.

Images below are from 2019. This annual Service Project is fun. I hope we get to do it again in the future.

Memorial Day weekend 2019
Memorial Day weekend 2019
  • Are Masks required still? Yes!
  • Outdoor only still? Yes! 

Council will be taking us to Gear4 on Monday 3/22. Please find out more HERE. Our Pack 735 Committee will decide what parts of Gear 4 we move forward with. For now, the majority of parents still want us to remain outdoors and to work to keep numbers low or distanced. Want to find out more? Come to the Committee Meetings (aka, Parent Meet-Up).

Don’t forget, EVERYONE in Pack 735 is a parent volunteer.

Every parent volunteer has a Scout in Pack735. The folks who make this program happen do it out of the kindness and generosity of their hearts, for their kids & your kids. Asking how you can help them is A+ behavior.

There is no greater THANK YOU than pitching in and helping. We are stronger together.

the Committee (parents, just like you)

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