P735 Winter Events + 2/27 & 3/13 Schedule

Friendly reminder regarding next weekend’s daytime events at Camp 40 Acres plus Winter/Spring events. PLEASE, call your best Den buddy and get your Den to this fun event.

Below are dates for several Pack sponsored Den events at Camp40 Acres. Dens will still have their own meetings in addition to these events which are scheduled by your DenLeadership.  
Camp 40 Acres Schedule:

FebruarySaturday 27th
MarchSaturday 13th
Lions & Tigers4:30-6PM

30min between each group allow car/parking

Hold dates for April 23 & 24th as well as May 21 & 22 for Campout and daytime events at Camp40 Acres.

Pinewood Derby! May 22nd, Camp40 Acres is likely date/location of Pinewood Derby
This year each Den will decide if they want to race Pinewood cars or Lego Derby cars. One direction will be required. Den Leaders will coordinate the vote with each Den. 

Memorial Day weekend..Saturday! Pending Board of Health approval, I am hopeful we’ll participate in our normal Memorial Day Weekend Decoration activities. Placing memorial flags on veteran graves is my favorite Pack 735 event. It honors, it beautifies, it builds community.It is touching and serious service based fun. If we get approved I want to see everyone there 🙂

  • Masks required still? Yes!
  • Outdoor only still? Yes! 
  • Do we really have to adhere to the Council’s 3rd Gear rules? YES!  for now…


Where is Camp Forty Acres? Located at: 179 Woburn Street, ANDOVER, MA.
This camp is about 15min drive from Reading and along the town line between Wilmington and Andover. The entrance has a sign. Follow the gravel road to the parking area. Meet near the main fire pit which is in sight of the parking area

Questions? email me and Kevin directly. 

Thanks all. -Chad, Cubmaster Reading Pack 735

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