Pack735 Scavenger Hunt, Saturday 10/17 – approved finally!

Hi all, we finally got Town approval for our weekend events, specifically the one this weekend which will be a fun Den-centered Scavenger Hunt Hike. See Den/Grade schedule below… I sent Clues and Instructions via email …you can find copy of the PDF below. Please take the time to read this entire Post…please do this for me -cL!

First- I am very sorry for late notice. Due to pandemic we had to jump through many hoops for Town Forest approval and to assure we were smart about health safety to Town Board of Health. This took some time to gain approval. I won’t lie, this took longer than expected and makes it hard to respond but we are doing it because it’s been on the schedule since we started. Plus it’ll be fun!

What is happening Saturday, Oct 17? Dens (Grade levels) will meet at times prescribed below. Each Den will go on a one mile hike and gather photographs of Scavenger items, historical artifacts, nature/conservation items and Town Forest Land Marks. Cubmaster Chad will email everyone the list.

Time (Start/End)GradeDen
All Dens start and end at Grove & Strout Ave (Compost Center Entrance) -DONOT park in Forest or Compost Center

You will show up with your Scout in Class A uniform at the time above. You will hike with your Den/grade level. You’ll make friends. It’ll be a joyful day. If it rains, you’ll put on a rain jacket and boots which is better than Soccer allows. We don’t cancel for sprinkles 😉 (see “how to survive sprinkles” below)

You’ll also pack the Six Cub Scout Essentials in a back pack that you’ll place upon your Scout (not you) and assure your Scout is appropriately dressed for a hike that includes fun and mud… and you’ll bring water and a snack because your Scout will need it, esp water.

You’ll follow the route shown below which goes through our wonderful Town Forest, a resource that is awesome and rare (be respectful and mindful) and you’ll look for Scavenger Hunt Items that I will Share on F 10/16. Note- I will lead the Lions and Tigers, your Den Leader will lead Wolf, Bear, Webelos1 and AOL’s (Web2’s).

The previously scheduled Scout Skills weekend that uses the same route and timing/schedule will be swapped to November 14th, so we have time to prep and get fire permits. Don’t miss that event which we are approved for and will be A++

Please note, to assure the Reading Board of Health that we take this pandemic and your safety seriously, you must wear a mask (mandatory), family units must maintain six foot distance from other family/Scouts AND adults must remind their kids to adhere to this rule (we lead our kids, period).

Last thing- to keep numbers within State and Scouting guidelines only one Scout + one Parent- no siblings and no car pooling please. Once we get through this pandemic, we can get back to normal but until then, please be awesome and responsible and please don’t blow it for us. Wear a mask. Social Distance on the hike.. Our use of this public land depends on it.

-Thx. Chad-your program leader and reminder, just a highly trained parent volunteer of a Scout just like yours.

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