Lion & Tigers first Den Meeting tonight, 10/14

Hi all, See you tonight at our first Cub Scout Pack Lion and Tiger (Kindergarten & 1st Grade) Den Meeting. Park in lot shown below (see string). Since we do a rolling start, feel free to forward to any K-1st grade families who might have missed this. Masks are required. One parent per Scout, no siblings unless K-1st Grade (for social distance reasons). See string below for details and what to bring or wear.

from email list:
Hi all, We did a lot of work to try to align schedules, and we are going with Wednesday 10/14 from 5-6PM at Mattera Cabin, Reading. This is the first meeting for the Lions and Tiger Dens, as such, I ask that everyone please try to make this first meeting. It will be superbly fun for you and your kids and set you all down path to success.
What to bring/wear? 

  1. Bring a snack since it is so close to dinner time. 
  2. Dress Weather appropriate- bring a jacket even if warm.
  3. Scouts should be in Uniform.. Lion in Lion Tee and Tigers in Class A Tiger Uniform (uppers) tucked in and looking sharp. Woburn Scout Store can help if still need uniform.
  4. Bring water for your Scout and a Flashlight, one for parent, one for Scout. 
  5. Bring Masks for you and your Scout. Masks are mandatory.

Mattera Cabin is on the edge of the Bare Meadow at 1481 Main St, Reading, MA 01867

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