WOW, JWK Scouts-PTO Service Project Success!!!

Our JWK Cub Scouts delivered a community win today at the PTO’s J.W. Killam Elementary Clean Up. Christie, who organized the event sends HUGE THANKS.

I was told this year’s attendance set a record and that was hugely due to the Scouts, Mom’s and Dad’s who showed up, gave back and delivered awesome through hard work. I couldn’t be more proud of your work and your commitment to community. The plantings and mulch look amazing. Thank you. 

Speaking of gratitude, I had more than a few Eaton families ask when to arrive today. While this was focused only on JWK families, the simple fact you offered made my day! It speaks volumes to the quality of our families and our community.

In the future, we may see a joint JWK and JE PTO service project. For now, let’s just  be strong within our respective school community. Us giving back to each PTO reflects Cub Scouts values and our focus on community, service and civics.

Plus all the kids who helped today clicked off some serious service project requirements. Special thanks to Den Leader Rick Crosby for rallying the Bears and moving your already scheduled Den Meeting to the Service Project time.

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