Upcoming Pack Events- Parents please read! (9/29 update)

Chad here. Everyone should download, print and review the attached map which includes four important locations in the Town Forest for Reading Scout Groups, 1) Compost Center Entrance, meeting location of our Great Hike for Donuts, 2) The “old” Council Ring, 3) Scrub Hill [location of 10/11 Pack Meeting] and 4) the “new” Council Ring near WoodEnd Soccer Field. We will be hosting events at each of these locations throughout the year. Please know them, their location and their differences.

Events! I want to see everyone this coming Saturday at the Great Hike for Donuts. This is a Pack 735 first and hugely requested by parents (AM family hikes…plus I threw in donuts and coffee). This hike will teach your family the way to our Campfire location (on Oct 11) which is at Scrub Hill site just a short walk from the “old” Council Ring. Read details below and see you Saturday!  Why should you come? Each year parents get lost in the forest. It is an awesome resource and everyone should learn the path. Plus it’ll just be fun.

October 5, Saturday, 9AM – The Great Hike for Donuts- Reading Town Forest. Meet at Compost Center Entrance, corner of Grove Street and Strout Ave. at 9AM. We start the hike at 9:10AM so be on time. -Learn how to find the Reading Scouts Council Ring and Scrub Hill Campsite location. –All Scouts must bring the the “Six Cub Scout Essentials” and a back pack (google it 😉 ) (Parking not allowed in the Compost Center or Forest…please street park and be kind to the land owners…don’t park in yards. Distance -barely a mile along a nice fire road.  Class B or Class A Uniform. Just remember, if you go Class A uniform, tuck those shirts in please.

October 11,  October Pack Meeting, Campfire program (7PM) &  Overnight Campout, Reading Town Forest, located at Scrub Hill Camp which is just a short walk further than the “old” Council Ring location, along the same fire road. Note-the campfire program has moved to Scrub Hill and will not be at the old Council Ring, which is off limits until Forestry Management in December. Sign Up will be live on 10/1. Class A Uniform, tucked in and looking sharp.

Everyone should visit this page and read the entire post about our Campfire Program and Overnight Tent Camp 🙂

Note-Saturday 10/12 morning– is Webelos 1&2 Outdoor Adventure Skills following camp breakfast. The Webelos program is for 4th and 5th graders only. No siblings please as we want the kids to have the best experience possible.

Questions? Call me. I get thousands of emails at work and I travel 70%. mobile is preferred. Everyone has an email with my number.

Chad Lockart, Bill&Max’s Dad, Cubmaster, Pack 735, www.readingpack735.org

Town_Forest_trail_map_both CouncilRings_2019

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