First Tiger Meeting (1st Graders) Saturday 9/28, 11AM

Hi all, (a tad long but please read-important info from Chad)

Our first Tiger meeting (1st Graders) is this Saturday 9/28, 11AM to Noon @ WoodEnd Elementary Soccer Field & Trail Head to the new Scout Council Ring which is just inside the Town Forest, adjacent the WE Soccer Fields.  We will meet at Soccer Field first. Please try to arrive as close to 11 as possible as this meeting is only one short hour. -questions? Please call me (Chad) at 339-927-0062.
What to Expect:
At this first, very important meeting our Scouts will meet, learn Cub Scout Essentials, play a game or two and go on a very short, fun hike. Parents, this meeting is essential as you will get to meet other new parents, some who could not attend our Pack Meeting Friday. I will cover the basics and get your Den started down the path to fun.
Tigers is the first “Rank” Year and the year most Scouts join. They mature significantly over Kindergartners and are better suited to get the most out of the program. Last year we had 12 Tigers who had a wonderful, fun year. You can expect the same, working together.
Note- We have expressed interest from ~8 Scouts, which is an optimal sized Den (6-8). That said, Scouting is most fun with a buddy so please bring a 1st grade friend who might be interested or just wants to check out Scouts. Bonus, bring a buddy with a parent you like to hang out with ;).
What to bring and wear?
  1. Scouts should be in Class A uniform if purchased already. Otherwise dress for the weather.
    1. I suggest long pants and sturdy shoes (no saddles or flipflops) since we’ll hike a short path.
  2. Please bring a water bottle for your child with their name on it.
  3. Sunscreen and bug repellent if you’d like.
Cub Scout Pack 735 welcomes you and your youth to the Tiger Den for 1st Graders from JE and JWK Elementary School zones.
Chad Lockart, Bill&Max’s Dad, Cubmaster @ Reading Pack 735
M. 339.927.0062 – please use phone first. I get 1000’s of emails and travel 70%. Phone calls make my life much more joyful.

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