Calling all 1st Graders :)

Cub Scout Pack 735 is looking for several extra 1st graders to round out our Tiger Den to an optimal size. Please spread the word. We don’t need many but we’ll take all who are interested from JE and JWK School zones. We are sooooo close to having an optimal size Den. Please share the flier below with friends and on FB.

Tigers is the first official “Rank” year in Cub Scouts. This is the year most kids join Cub Scouts and enter the journey of adventure, fun, reward and growth with their parents and friends. Based on number of kids/parents who expressed interest we know there may be kids who simply missed the meeting or whose parents didn’t know about our first meeting. As an example last year’s group was close to 12 and has grown to 15. We’d like 8 which is optimal.

Word of mouth is the very best advertising, so please say a kind hello and spread the word that we have openings in our Tiger Den.

Want to join? email or and we’ll get you set up.

2019_Recruit Flier_Pack 735_1st Grade Flier_print

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