Welcome back! Pack 735 Program & Recruiting kick-off for 2021-2022

Welcome back friends! Please take a couple minutes to watch my kick off video, then read-on to find out why we are so excited about the 2021-2022 Program Year here at Pack 735!

Join us at our first Cub Scout Pack 735 Kick-Off event on Friday evening, September 17th, 6PM @ Woodend Elementary School Soccer Field! (model rocket launch? YES!)

((note, images in banner are from PrePandemic events. Yes, masks and COVID protocols were in place last year))

Interested in joining Pack 735? Please email membership@readingpack735.org to sign up and get information! Then join us September 17th @6PM, Woodend Elementary Soccer Field

  • New Scouts who sign up and returning Scouts will receive a snap-together model rocket to launch (weather permitting).

For New Members –

  • We host one major “Pack” event each month, Sept-June. The “Pack” is the combination of all individual age groups, which we call “Dens”.
  • Dens are aligned to Grade Level (K-5th). Each Den meets a minimum of once per month outside of the monthly Pack events. Noted, some Dens meet 2-3 times per Month but that is based on Den family choice…some Dens just love to hang out :).
  • You don’t have to come to all events but we do suggest attending each Pack Event and one Den Meeting per month. It goes without saying in Reading that most of us are in sports as well and that is awesome! We coexist and provide complementary skills.

Upcoming Key Dates for Pack Events:

  • September 11th, Fundraising Kick-Off @ MarketBasket & REI -for Returning Scouts
  • September 12th, Reading Town Day Recruiting & Scout Tent Activities (find out how to join!)
  • September 17th, First Pack Meeting, KickOff Event + ModelRockets! @6PM – new and returning
  • Sept 25th, Campfire Program Skills – Den Events – Camp 40 Acres!
  • October 1st, Service Project – JWK PTO School Clean Up project! – all JWK Scouts
  • October 8th, Fall Campfire Program and CampOut @ Reading Town Forest -kick off campfire all Scouts!

Please note, the list above does not include all Pack 735 activities for the year. We have schedule a bunch of “Den-days” Scout Skills events which include super fun and informative activities around hiking, camping, fire building and first aid!!! Those events will be aligned to each Grade Level (what we call “Dens”). Each Den will choose their day and time. More info coming soon regarding this fun outings and Den events.

As always, specific Den Meetings (date/time/location) are set by each Den (grade level) at the start of year in September. It is essential that all parents participate in date selection to assure best experience for all.

Last thing. Invite a Scout aged friend to join! Scouts who recruit friends will be awarded the very cool “Recruiter” patch!