Pack 735 -Fall 2020 Kick Off Announcement!

Welcome back Friends! We start our Cub Scout Pack 735 Program year this month.

Please see Calendar events on side bar for latest events and information.

Want to join Pack 735 -please read this post! We’ve officially launched!. Please contact us to join a Den (grade level)/ K, 1st & 2nd Graders join our Campfire this Friday 10/2 just for new Lions, Tigers and Wolf Dens.

Some important dates and program announcements:

9/25 Pack 735 Orientation & Welcome -New + Returning Scouts -Zoom

After 9/25 – Dens form & set schedule – many returning Dens (grade levels) have already set outdoor meeting dates.

10/2 Campfire for First & Second Graders (plus Kindergarten) at Woodend Campfire Ring, near Soccer Field just inside the Town Forest…Start time 6:30PM (Masks required)

10/9 – Pack 735 Virtual Pack Event- “Den Stories!!!” – Webelos1 Den5 Presentation about Mt Major Hike on 10/3

10/17 – Pack 735 Scout Skills -Den Days Event, Reading Town Forest

Info on Joining Visit here:

This year will be Den Focused for the first half. Our group of Parent Volunteers have planned a fun and rewarding fall while addressing social distancing needs. The “Pack” (all grades/Dens) won’t meet together unless virtual. Dens (grade level) will meet in-person, outdoors.

We’ve created a number of “Den-Event” days to take the place of our “Pack Events” [this fall]. To be honest, I think these events have the potential to be even more fun for everyone while creating even tighter Dens and friendships. We’ll have Den schedules for these events to assure each Den maintains small group size and social distancing safety while getting the best of Scouting Skills.

Please note, each Den will still host their own normally scheduled Den Meetings and Events 2-3x’s/month where they complete Scouting Adventures together (See Rank/Den Guidebook for curriculum). Will we have campfires? Will we hike? Yes & yes, just with smaller group sizes.

The core of the Scouting Program is the Den Adventure Guide. That core provides a wealth of fun, adventure, service & reward for youth and their families. Families in each Den help to choose their own adventures led by their Den Leader. Scouting is a family sport. You define awesome-together.

Cub Scouts is first and foremost about having fun. Cub Scouts develops strong friendships for kids and adults. It teaches valuable skills and fosters a sense of belonging and service. Scouting makes our community stronger by strengthening families and giving back through service.

While 2020 will not look like 2019 or 2018 or 2017 it will be grand, with your help. When we work together, we accomplish truly amazing things. Pack 735 thrives because of you and your investment in your kids and our community here in Reading.

We welcome you to Cub Scout Pack 735, and I personally look forward to meeting you and working with you on many adventures to come.

Adventure Awaits! Join Now.

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