Fall Fundraising Update

At this time we have decided not to participate in council’s fall Popcorn Fundraiser.
It is with a heavy heart that I write that sentence. For so many reasons, the least of which was the year I had planned was going to be EPIC, 2 new locations, only 4 days of selling and an aggressive sales goal. But then COVID and everything came tumbling down.

However the parent committee agreed that there were pitfalls to be had with both store front and door to door sales and that it was for the best that we not participate in the popcorn fundraiser. This does not mean we won’t do a fundraiser in the Spring but that is TBD and will also take into consideration the safer of our scouts and their families.

This decision was not made lightly. Any one who has listened to me explain why I was willing to be the Crazy Popcorn Lady over the years knows that I did this because:
• I saw amazing growth in my children as a result of standing in front of a store,
• Smiling and saying hi to adults as they walked into the store
• Making eye contact and asking strangers to support their Pack so that they could do all sorts of fun activities that year and
• When they were told Sorry No they just moved on to the next person.

I could go on and on about what I saw for this year, but know that Pie Palooza was going to be EPIC. I am certain that my replacements for next year will plan an even more epic year and all of your children will have an amazing year in scouts this year and next year, next year will be one for the story books, or maybe this one will as well because I know Chad has plans and those plans sound both safe and amazing.

So I’m heading into this school year with hope in my heart that at least through each of my children’s Dens they will have something close to normal.

If you have any suggestions for possible fundraisers in the spring please do not hesitate to contact me.
-Tricia – aka – soon to be the Former Crazy Popcorn Lady

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