COVID-19 update for Pack 735 -please watch

Hi all, most of you know about COVID-19 here in MA and northern burbs. We are taking a responsible stance and postponing our March Pack Meeting and near term gatherings. While outdoor events pose significantly lower risks than indoor events, hosting a breakfast for ~200 people didn’t feel responsible to our Parent Committee and Leaders. With your help, we’ll pull the fun into the future after this nasty bug settles down.

Dens- update to the update 4:55PM- We are suspending Den Meetings for now based on feedback from first-responder friends. Note- this is a precautionary measure and nothing to panic about friends. Minimizing gatherings of all kinds will help minimize any impacts. We’ll let you know when we are back up and running again. (disregard my Den comment in video below) we’ve been provided guidance to move Den Meetings outdoors and keep participants under 50 people. It is up to each Den and Den family to determine if/how they want to meet. This is a great time for Scouts to complete their Cyber Chip and Duty to to God/Family adventures, each individual endeavors. > If you are remotely sick, please do not come to Den Meetings.

If Reading Public Schools suspends classes, we will do the same for all Pack 735 activities..

Note, we will host a Video Conf Parent Meeting next TH 3/19 at 8PM instead of our normal Biltmore&Main location. We need your help discussing upcoming climbing events and plan for our Blue&Gold Potluck/Arrow of Light Ceremony which will likely be disrupted by COVID-19. Best case we get through this and we make the most fantastic Pack Meeting ever in May.

Last thing, I know there are varying views on this virus. One thing I know, as Scouters we lead the way towards responsibility and service to our community. Whether you worry about the impact or not, the science shows this virus is highly contagious relative to it’s viral cousins and rates of fatality are much higher for those infected. The goal of minimizing public/social contact is precisely to reduce the impacts of this nasty bug. Be smart. Wash your hands. Take respiratory issues very seriously during this time.

Smile friends. The world needs more smiles.


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