Camp|Gear Wisdom from Mr Nelson

Please take a moment to read the note below from our seasoned Scouter, Webelos1 Den Leader, Ian Nelson and pics from Webelos 1 Leader, Chris Audley -this info is essential knowledge everyone in the Pack should have.

Hey Guys,

First, my den is in this email because I am trying to share a tad bit of wisdom.  The rest are leaders that may want to share this wisdom if they haven’t already!
So, Friday night may be a little wet, a little rainy, we don’t know yet.  What we do know is its gonna be a lot of fun and our children will remember events like these for the rest of their live!  So I look forward to seeing all you guys at the Campfire program and (hopefully) the campout afterwards!  For the Webelos, the Saturday morning program is a lot of  fun, simple stuff that kids love doing!
Here is some simple advice to hopefully avoid any pitfalls.  And even if we stumble into any, we’ll have the troop trailer and lots of experienced, trained adults to tackle them swiftly!
First, all sleeping bags should be in a dry bag. What is a dry bag?  Its anything that keeps water out.  You can buy super expensive ones at REI or you can use a trash bag!  you’re choice!  just make sure its closed tight and the bag is protected!
Next, the kids should all have a change of dry clothes, underwear, socks and all, to sleep in.  They should change completely out of their wet, sweaty clothes and climb into a nice dry sleeping bag!
Finally, they should be strongly encouraged to go the bathroom before bed (if they have full bladders the body works keeping all that warm!) and have a simple knit hat, especially if they aren’t using a mummy style sleeping bag.
Now, the temperature looks plenty warm, so its keeping them dry that we can concentrate on, so don’t forget ground tarps (set up in a smaller foot print that the tent!) and good tight rain flies and this little bit of weather will be a non-factor!
Any questions, as usual, just ask here, email direct, call/text me at 781-526-1657 or come knock on my door!
Super excited!  Scouting is Outing!

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