Weather&Campfire Update 10/11 -ON @ ScrubHill

Hi everyone, YES we are still on at Scrub Hill tonight. The drizzle slows after 5PM-put on layers, snowPants, rain coats, boots and gloves and umbrella. Our event only lasts 1.5hrs-you can do this! It  will make a fun memory

The Pack’s Campfire program (songs, skits, cheers, smores, flag retirement) starts at 6:55PM at ScrubHill (signs show the way) and ends around 8:30PM. Bring camp chairs. AND no, Chad will not be checking emails after 6:15PM. 

Group Hike from the Compost Center to ScrubHill leaves EXACTLY at 6:30PM. Be 10min early. Yes, we will have a shuttle for camp chairs.   The group hike back to Compost Center leaves exactly at 8:40PM. Chairs will be shuttled as well. 

Camping? Awesome- please overdress and bring extra blankets in a trashbag (drybag)!!! Bring a complete change of clothes. Arrive between 5-6PM to set up tents.  Gear Shuttle at 5:15PM and 5:45PM at the Compost Center. don’t be late. Dark by 6:15PM

How will you survive drizzle?

IMG_7870 (1)

-Exactly- like last year, this afternoon’s weather is little wet. Last year was wet, muddy and a ton of fun for over 100 people. Picture of proof right here:

IMG_4587 (1)

Remember, water evaporates and you own coats, hats, gloves and boots. Plus parents asked us for more “Grit inspired” meetings that require everyone (kids and adults) to be prepared and roll with nature. So get those rubber boots, coats and ponchos ready. BONUS we’ll have tea and hot chocolate ;). SWEET!


Obviously, if you don’t want to camp in damp conditions you can simply come to the Campfire program which will be a TON of FUN regardless. We have highly trained adults who will quickly address any issues so please come for the fun.

Details are in the same place per multiple emails. If you have not read that content, please be my friend and take 5min to read about our awesome campfire program and camp overnight.


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