Castaway event for AOL’s 11/7 (5thGrade Dens)

Tomorrow 11/7 is our Troop led Castaway event for Arrow of Light/Webelos2 (5thgrade). Grab your uniform and join us- We start at 11AM at the NEW Council Ring at Woodend. (and apologies for any late notice…we know, my bad -still, will be fun)

11:00AM Opening Ceremony

11:15-11:25 Req. 2b

11:25-11:35 Req. 2c

11:35-11:45 Req. 2d

11:45-12 Reg.2a

12-1 pm -split into 2 Groups

  • Group 1 does 1a  while Group 2 does 1c
  • Group 2 does 1c while Group 1 does 1a

For Req 1a  We will be “cooking” over the fire.  Hotdogs, Chips, Drinks, and Banana Boats (Chocolate, marshmallows, etc.)  are on the menu.  Provided by the Troops

We will have hand sanitizing and gloves and masks for all the food handling. 

For Req 1c, we will have bow saws, hatchets, and rope to build the structures. 

Participant Gear List

  1. Class A Uniform
  2. Mask
  3. Chair
  4. Water Bottle

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