Virtual Pack Meeting Friday! 6:15PM

Oh yes, we are ON tomorrow night at 6:15PM for our first Virtual Pack Meeting. Do me a favor- please gather some drawing supplies for your Scout, including white paper, crayons/markers which we will use as a gathering activity! Agenda below.. Check your email for Zoom log in…we don’t post that for security reasons

Some rules for our Virtual Meeting:

  1. You must sign in with your real name – we need this for internet safety purposes. If have two Scouts and you can sign them in on two devices this will be helpful but not mandatory.
  2. A parent should attend with their Scout – esp to help with controls like audio/video share
  3. Video should be turned on– No virtual backgrounds and no personal/hidden chat
  4. Scouts should be in Class A Uniform – helps us identify whose who
  5. Bring snacks, eat dinner, all good.

What we will do during this short 30min meeting?

  1. FUN First!! Gathering activity – Scouts will draw their favorite Scout activity and share
  2. Flags/Opening led by none other than Maxwell from our awesome Bear Den
  3. ANNOUNCEMENTS! Parents-we’ll need your help unmuting and helping to sign
    • Some critical announcements about our Scout year ending in June and Summer Program
  4. A slide show celebration of Scouting and our Arrow of Light Scouts
  5. Skit? Did someone say skits? You know it. Our Webelos Den will entertain all with a lively skit.
  6. Den Break Out Rooms – 10min and close. Den Leaders will wrap up the meeting with the Den. The goal is simply to have some fun and let the kids socialize.

This will be a first. We will do our best. We will see you Friday!

Chad L!

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