November Parent Meet Up Postponed & Survey Request

We do not have anything urgent on upcoming programing to discuss & I have gotten the feedback that some of the adult leaders could use a break.  We will postpone to a later TBD date.
We all usually have a lot moving at once and I know one of my personal challenges is childcare & kid activities.  Lori & I work opposite schedules & both Ky & Ry usually have a baseline of 3-4 weekly/bi-weekly activities each and depending on the phase of the year, it goes up from there. Attending parent meet ups usually involves playing calendar tetris with a sitter.
However, parent engagement in planning & then having event coordinators to execute is what makes the experience great for everyone in the family.   It’s a “the whole squad” approach  (borrowed from Kyle’s lax team) and I like to think of 735 as a whole squad.
With that, I created the survey linked below to get a sense & hopefully consensus for what works for our unit, we have grown again this year (now with over 60 scouts!). It should be quick (estimated at 2 minutes per SurveyMonkey), its anonymous & the data would help in planning.

Kindest Regards,
Kevin Briere, father of Kyle & Rylee
735 Chairman

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