ICYMI: News on Dues

Just wanted to share as an FYI; effective January 1, the per scout assessments charged to units increased. There is more information in the latest newsletter from local council.

The timing of this is not ideal. We review & set our dues based on actual amounts billed to the Unit from the preceding Program Year (currently 2018-2019) plus some inflation loading. We did this & communicated no change in July & did not anticipate this development. HOWEVER, THERE WILL NO CHANGE TO AMOUNTS CHARGED TO FAMILIES.

We will be offsetting this with funds generated by popcorn sales and will reassess what we do for enrichment programming.

WHAT WE DO NEED IS TO HAVE ALL DUES IN BY NEXT PACK MEETING. Currently less than 1/2 the unit has completed this. Kevin will have a square reader at the November meeting and a payment drop box. The following individuals will be available for check collection at upcoming Den meetings & each Den is covered:

    Kevin Briere
    Chad Lockart
    Tricia McCarty
    Dan Vogelzang

The amount owed and online payment options are linked below:

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