Popcorn Kernel Update: Instructions

Hi Everyone,
We added a few handouts on the Popcorn page that in the past have been helpful for both the children selling popcorn and the parent volunteers.
Included in these are the instruction for processing credit card sales thru the Trails End App for both show and sell and door to door sales.  If you haven’t already downloaded and set your scout up on the Trails End I would ask that you please do this as soon as possible, contact me directly if you need me to send you the instructions for the app.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have, email fundraising@readingpack735.org.
We need your help, even just a 1-hour shift is hugely helpful.  Remember popcorn sales teach our children some great skills, is a lot of fun and it pays for our activities so you don’t have to.
Best Regards,
The Popcorn Kernel

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