Update Camp Sayre day trip and overnight 8/3 -details

We are on for our day trip and camping overnight at Camp Sayre, New England Base Camp in Milton, MA which takes place this Saturday 8/3. See below for details on location, time and what to bring. The weather will be perfect so please join us. 

Details here: Pack 735 Aug3 Outing Details

Please note, Camp Sayre is serious fun. There are many great Scout activities located in this beautiful forest camp on the edge of the Blue Hills. All Pack 735 Scout families are welcome to join us for Saturday open program. There are even some spaces available  for camping in the cabin since so many have decided to tent camp near the cabin. This is great fun and low key and free for Scouts (except food for lunch/snacks). Join us!

So, if you want to grab a few friends and drop in on Saturday, go for it. Want to camp last minute because it’s gonna be awesome weather and fun? Go for it-just email Chad and Kevin to say you are coming.

Open program runs 10AM to 5PM. It is free for Scouts with Adventure Card and we purchased an Adventure Card for all Pack 735 Scouts so you are good to go. Can’t find the card? No worries, just tell them you are with Pack 735.


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