Popcorn Kernel Update

Here are a few updates from the Popcorn Kernel:


  • Our goal is to be done with Show and Sells in 5 weekend days in mid-September to early October.
  • We will start putting together a schedule which will be in the Trails End platform.
  • We will have a kick-off meeting in August.


  • We want to stay in Reading, and so far we are selling at MB, S&S, both churches, REI & Starbucks.
    • REI & Starbucks are new.
    • We have a call into CVS in the middle of town
  • Calaresos is NO LONGER allowing fundraising at the store

Trails End App:

  • Families should download the new Trails End app.  Instructions are available at Fundraising Information.
  • All should set an up an account should be set up for your child
    • If families have more than one scout then there should be a family account.
  • There will be a “how-to” parent meet up for the app which we will schedule soon.

Pack Income:

  • For now, we are assuming our commissions will be 33% as the safest assumption and hope we will get to  37 or 39%.
    • Council’s change to the structure and then maybe not firmly holding to the structure has created some extra uncertainty for us.

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