FWIW: Extra Credit Advancement from Everyday Living

ScoutBook Ready

ScoutBook has been updated so that the dens are ready to hit the ground running on their next Adventure (pun intended).

Advancement from Everyday Living

The den meetings will focus on the required adventures and maybe 1-2 electives. However, each level has a good number of electives. The link below has all of the adventures.

Cub Scout Adventures by Level

One thing to think about over the summer and really whenever is to look at the levels and see that the kids can compete for adventures from just being kids or being a family. For example, a trip to MOS could cover some STEM-related adventure.

Day Camp Participation

Also, if you’re participating in any of Council’s Summer Camps then chances are the scouts are completing their next levels adventure requirements.

Let Us Know

The kids certainly feel that extra “I’m awesome” buzz when they get that extra belt loop.

If you complete any additional adventure requirements over the summer or whenever, then email the Adult Leaders at leaders@readingpack735.org, and we will make sure your scout(s) get credit.

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