Help Needed: Running Between Heat Activities at Pinewood

Hi All,

Next weekend’s pinewood derby will be a lot of fun for scouts and families. There can also be a lot of waiting around between heats.  We already have a coordinator planning out activities and games between heats, but we could use some more help running some activities at Joshua Eaton.

 A few organized active games have already been planned in the gym (capture the flag type things) as well as some engineering/building challenges. It would be great if some parents could help out with a few other crafts or activities. Please email if you are interested, and we can put together a schedule/list as needed. It should be pretty easy if a few parents help out. If you could commit to a craft or a 30 minute activity, that would be great. If you have other ideas, fantastic!

Possible Ideas:

* Craft activities that can be done in the cafeteria

* Coloring/ word search activities that can be done in the cafeteria

* Outdoor fun (If the weather isn’t awful… a hike around the neighborhood, relay races, games on the playground…)

* Organized group games/relay races in the gym

* A few engineering building challenges in the gym (we have some supplies, but other ideas welcome)

There is a small budget that could be allocated to this and as mentioned we have some supplies already. However, if you have a craft idea that needs a budget, it can probably be covered.

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