1/11 Bi-Weekly Update

Hi All,

Here is the latest on-goings:

PineWood Derby

The derby cut night will be on Tuesday, January 22, and the race will be on Saturday, February 2.  Refer to the PineWood Derby page for more information.

No February Pack Meeting

We will not be holding a February pack meeting since we will be holding the PineWood Derby.

Winter & Spring Event Sign Ups

Go to the Event Sign Ups to get on the list for our Snow-tube outing in March and Overnight at Battleship Cove in May.

Pack Service:  Northeast Animal Shelter

Over the next couple of weeks, Heather Veazey will have a donations box at Pack Meetings, Events & some Den Meetings for the Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS), one of New England’s largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters.  Below is a link to things the shelter needs

Shelter Needs (including Amazon List)

Personal Story (not an official 735 endorsement): Prior to having Kyle, Kevin & Lori Briere had 2 short hair domestic cats named Princess & CJ.  However, when we learned we were to be blessed with Kyle, we needed to found a new home since we had family allergies with this breed.  Princess & CJ were given to NEAS and were ultimately placed with a wonderful family in Marblehead.

Reading Committee Get Together

Below are details on a Reading Unit Committees get together in late January.

2019 Scouters Holiday Get Together Handout

Other Community Happenings

Summer Camp Expo Available to JE & Killam Scouts

The Chairman oopsed his way into having Killam Families attend the Summer Camp Expo at Joshua Eaton.  The event is on Wednesday, January 23, from 6PM to 8 PM in the Cafeteria.  Below is a list of camps in attendance

2019 Camp List

Reading Parent University on March 30, 2019

The 2nd Annual Parent University is coming back to RHMS on March 30, 2019.  If you had the chance to attend last year then will you note that there were a lot of great workshops.  The RPS Extended Day staff did a free childwatch last year during the events.   Below are the latest available details.

Details in RPS Pathways on Page 6 of 8

The Chairman was in attendance & feel free to ask him about it.  One thing of note is just that the kids were in need of chill time after the event.

Mindful Mondays at RPL

On Monday afternoons through February 11, the library is running a FREE after-school meditation activity or exercise to encourage kids in grades 1-4 to learn relaxation and
mindfulness techniques for school or home. Below is a link

RPL Calendar

If you have any suggestions for topics or events for the newsletter then email contact@readingpack735.org.


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