Urgent Ask from Council: Outstanding Paper Applications Needed

Hi All,

Kevin Briere here.  I will start by saying that as a Scout Representative I am deeply sorry to be following up again about this.  I have personally been very frustrated and have been sharing this opinion with appropriate contacts to pass along to product managers overseeing the national online application platform, My.Scouting.

Onboarding families like this takes away from the overall experience and I hope that everyone will stay on board.  I personally attest that Pack 735 has been one of the best things to have ever happened to my oldest & he is a much more confident kid because of it.

Council has sent this urgent matter to Pack chairman & cubmasters a little while ago.  In short, families that applied online now need to fill out a paper app, click on the email notice below for context.

Council Email

If you are getting an email from chairman@readinpack735.org from 1:45 PM then this means that your online application is hung up and you will need to fill out a paper application.  You can refer to the Join the Pack! & Dues Info for information regarding.

I will also hand out paper copies for den leaders at our next committee meeting on Thursday.

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