Old Address & New Look and a new Newsletter!

Hi All,

We’ve finished (mostly) redesigning the website. The last step was getting our old address. So now it’s official, an updated mobile/tablet friendly look with our readingpack735.org address.

Look here goin as our central spot of communication for Pack wide updates. Dens will probably still use email lists at (though we could explore other options if there’s an appetite). To get email notifications of updates, sign up for the Follow Blog by Email.

Further, to keep updates to a reasonable volume, we will be posting a bi-weekly newsletter of Pack updates with the first one coming out this Sunday! So stay tuned.

As events get closer, posts will likely be more frequent. Further, for urgent matters or sensitive items (such as personal information), we will still use the email

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! As always, thanks for being awesome!

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