Upcoming Deadline: Training & Applications

Hi All,

Just wanted to give a heads up.  In order to complete the charter compliance exercise, we have to set a deadline of completion by end of day tomorrow, 5PM, for some outstanding items.

For Parents: Application Outstanding

If you still have an application outstanding then refer to the Join the Pack! & Dues Info page for guidance on applying online.  We also posted an instruction video on successfully completing an application.

Outcome if deadline missed:   The biggest concern would be having your scouts not receiving their advancement awards in December whereas other scouts would.  However, we have gotten a ONE TIME EXCEPTION workaround to make sure that ALL SCOUTS will get their advancement awards.

For Leaders: Outstanding Training

Several leaders still need to finish the new YPT training (I will send a follow up email to you specifically).  Refer #2 of the Becoming a Den Leader page for you to locate this training.  It does not take long to complete.

Outcome if deadline missed:  YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE ROSTER and will need to redo all of the paperwork to become a recognized leader.

If you have any concerns then please email chairman@readingpack735.org.

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