Popcorn Fundraiser: Storefront Sales Overview

Guidelines for Scouts

Prepare for the Sale

Safety Guidelines

  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Storefront sales are not a Scout dropoff event. The Scout’s adult needs to be present.

Conduct the Sale

General Storefront Sales Instructions

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before start of your sales shift to be guided by experienced Scouts.
  • Scout should check off name on shift list in binder.
  • Scouts should be in uniform and stand in front of table.
  • Scouts should never ask if customers want to buy popcorn. Scouts should ask “Would you be willing to help support me going to Scout camp?”
  • Remember to take payment for all product sold.
    • Credit cards are preferred.
    • Cash is good, too.
    • Checks are okay (make out to “Reading Pack 735”).
  • Record all sales through Trail’s End App.
  • Scouts will receive credit for the hours they sold at storefronts multiplied by the average hourly rate sold by your unit for the entire year. Example: Ten Scouts sign up and sell at a Storefront shifts during the popcorn sale. All sales will be divided equally by the total hours worked by all Scouts and multiplied by the hours each Scout worked.

Scout Sales Script

  • Hello, my name is _____________, and I am with Cub Scout Pack 735.
  • I am trying to earn my way to _______________ and support our camp programs.
  • Can I count on your support to help fund my Adventures?
  • I have many delicious flavors of popcorn and _______________ is my favorite because _______________!

Show the items on the Trail’s End App, or hand pen and order form to customer (if applicable)

When you have completed your presentation, be sure to thank everyone, even if they did not buy anything!

Download a printable Sales Script.

Selling Tips

  • Be Neat – always wear your uniform
  • Be Prepared – Know your products and what you are going to say
  • Maintain Eye Contact – Be confident
  • Speak Loudly and Clearly
  • Always Be Polite and Courteous
  • Thank Everyone – Even the people who do not buy anything
  • Scouts should ask each person that enters/leaves the store.
  • Keep Moving – The more people you approach and talk to, the more popcorn you will sell.
  • Keep Smiling.


  • Scouts with sales experience should teach other Scouts how to sell.
  • As Scouts shift ends, those Scouts should teach the incoming shift of Scouts how to sell.

Adhere to Scout Oath and Scout Law

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent

Guidelines for Storefront Setup and Takedown


  • Setup and takedown are managed by Popcorn Kernel (or another designated adult).
  • Scouts should assist when applicable.
  • Popcorn Kernel will bring supplies including popcorn at start of day.
  • Popcorn Kernel will take supplies back at end of day


Table Cloth and Clips
Pack 735 Support Local Scouting Sign
Cash Box
3 Square Reader(s) with or without adapters.
3 Pens
Starting change $40
6 x $5
1 x $10
Rubber bands
Post Its
Donation Bin with Sign
Hand Sanitizer
Trash Bag
Scout Recruitment Sheet Clipboard
Traditional Products Sheet
Sales Script
Binder, which includes
Permission letter from proprietor (if applicable)
Popcorn Fundraiser Storefront Sales Overview
Guidelines for Scouts
Guidelines for Storefront Setup and Takedown
Popcorn Kernel Contact Information
Trail’s End App Store Front Sales Guide
Scout Shift Schedule for Site/Day
Order Form to Record Sales, only if necessary (Sales through Trail’s End App is recommended)
Show And Sell Tally Sheet
Utility knife to open product cases
First Aid Kit

Set Up

  • Arrive at store/site at least 15 minutes before sales are to start. Speak with store manager/site liaison
    • Let them know
      • You are with Pack 735
      • Pack is scheduled and confirmed to sell popcorn
    • Ask manager/liaison where they would like Pack to set up table(s).
  • Set up table in location the store/site has designated for you.
    • Display products neatly on the table.
    • Keep area neat and clean
    • Do not block entrance or exit.
    • Additionally, place on table the following
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Wipes
    • Have Scout Recruitment clipboard on table for potential Scouts.
  • During Sales
    • Familiarize adults and Scouts on use of the Trail’s End App. All sales credit/cash/check are to be recorded through the Trail’s End App.
    • Each Scout should have a Trail’s End account. If not, Scout should register.
    • Encourage Scouts to be polite.
    • Smiling, friendly faces sell more popcorn.
    • Ensure Scouts say “Thank You” even if a sale is not made.
    • Ensure Scouts are selling Scouting, not popcorn.
      • YES – “Will you help me go to camp by buying some delicious popcorn?”
      • no – “Please buy my popcorn”
    • Adult maintains positive control of cash and allows Scouts to make change from small quantity of cash.

Take Down

  • When sales have concluded for the day
    • Clean area
    • Dispose of all trash
    • Return popcorn to original box. Do not mix different flavors in the same box!
  • Pack up neatly as all had been initially before sales start.
  • Ensure that the following are counted on Tally Sheet:
    • Product Quantities
    • Cash/checks from Product Sales
    • Cash/checks from Donations (keep donation money separate from product sales)
  • Keep money in cashbox.

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