Reimbursement Policy

Due to the many varying circumstances that may occur regarding reimbursement, please email for clarification.

1. Purpose

Pack 735 operates on a limited budget and must use sound financial practices. Parents and family members often volunteer with varying levels of commitment, as well as others who are occasionally prompted to aid in functions necessary for Meetings, Outings, and other Activities. Reimbursement policies are generally intended to spread costs to the Unit for adults who are burdened with costs that aid the ongoing operation of the Unit.

The purpose of this document is to inform the parents, leaders, and other volunteers on the policy regarding the reimbursement, and to provide the approved criteria for payment to all members.

2. Requests for Reimbursement Methodology

Reimbursement requests should be made by submitting at the following:

Get Reimbursed: Costs covered by Pack

Please email to confirm the budget for the planned event.

It’s strongly encouraged to confirm an expense before purchasing by emailing

3. Scholarships

Refer to Pack Level Financial Aid.

4. Den Discretionary Funds

Depending on the Unit’s finances for the current year, Dens have a discretionary budget of $150 which can be used for a Den specific outing.

4. Uniforms

Scout adult uniform pants and shirts are not reimbursable by the unit.

Core uniform patches, including Pack Number, Council patches, nameplates, and others are reimbursable.

Replacement patches and awards are not reimbursable.

5. Advancements Costs

The cost of obtaining and organizing adventure awards are reimbursable.

6. Programming Costs and Activities

There is no cost for scouts when attending program & other Enrichment events such as the Pinewood Derby, Camp Outings, or Overnights.

Costs to non-scout participants which have a specific per person costs such as SnowTubing or Overnights are the responsibility of the participating families.

For other events which have a level cost such as entertainment at the Blue & Gold will be covered by the Unit for all Attendee.

7. Food

The unit will cover the cost of food for a planned budgeted event.

If a den intends to purchase food for a meeting, then this could be considered a Programming cost. Please email which will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

8. Training

Adult training is supplied and mandated by BSA for Leadership positions. Some required classes are taken online at MyScouting.Org. These include BSA required training such as Youth Protection Training.

Online classes are free to anyone who sets up an account and completes the course(s). All adults are encouraged to complete Youth Protection & other trainings which are highly recommended such as BALOO training are reimbursable upon completion, to the extent it this was not done on one’s own and a lower cost alternative was not available. Elective Training (i.e., Wood Badge, etc.) is not usually reimbursable.

8. Other fees and direction

Re-chartering costs are reimbursable.