P735 Winter Events + 2/27 & 3/13 Schedule

Friendly reminder regarding next weekend's daytime events at Camp 40 Acres plus Winter/Spring events. PLEASE, call your best Den buddy and get your Den to this fun event. Below are dates for several Pack sponsored Den events at Camp40 Acres. Dens will still have their own meetings in addition to these events which are scheduled by your DenLeadership.  Camp 40 … Continue reading P735 Winter Events + 2/27 & 3/13 Schedule

Pack735 updates & events -December 2020! Updated12/11

Note. ...as of 2/1/2021 we are back on and meeting as Dens in-person. Please see Winter/Spring update post for upcoming events and get your Den Meeting schedule from your parent volunteer leaders. -cL! We are virtual through beginning of January. We'll reevaluate based on MA guidance just after the New Year. I will send out … Continue reading Pack735 updates & events -December 2020! Updated12/11

Saturday! Pack 735 Scout Skills in Town Forest!

This will be awesome Pack 735! We are ON and approved for our socially distanced, Scout Skills event and Den Rotations, which takes place this coming Saturday 11/14/2020 at the Old Council Ring (Main Council Ring) in the Reading Town Forest. Park at the Compost Entrance and follow the designated route. Schedule! We worked to … Continue reading Saturday! Pack 735 Scout Skills in Town Forest!