Pack Level Financial Aid

As noted in the Reading Youth Well-Being Data,  even families in Reading can have their struggles.

Every Scout should be given an opportunity to take part in Scouting. to be able to participate in Scouting.

Families are first encouraged to request assistance through Council’s Campership program.

Additionally, we will always do what we can to be of help. Families can briefly write a statement to explaining a financial need and/or special circumstances surrounding your request for assistance. Here are some tips on making such a statement:

Wikihow: Write a Financial Aid Statement

The request is intended to make Scouting available to those families in need and cover the following:

  • Waiver of Unit Dues
  • Cub Scout Uniforms
  • Costs associated with participating in Unit Programming

All assistance is subject to the availability of the Unit’s finances through the current year.